March 25, 2020 

Dear Valued Customer: 

The State of Massachusetts Department of Public Health has issued a stay at home advisory effective March 24th, at 12:00PM. Applied Dynamics is deemed an essential business and is open for business. We appreciate the dedication of our manufacturing sector to increase output to help our country during this time of need and please know that Applied Dynamics is by your side to assist you and keep you running. 

Our employees’ health & safety has been our focus. We would like to update you on the steps we have taken with our business to help “flatten the curve”, while still helping our customers and keeping our employees at work. We have restricted visitors to our facility to only necessary individuals (transportation companies, VMI contractors, etc.), educated our employees about this horrible virus and steps they can take at work at home to prevent the spread, practicing social distancing, and increasing our cleaning activities throughout our facility. Additionally, we have transitioned all Applied Dynamics employees who can work remotely to home offices to continue serving you during this time. This has resulted with us utilizing our automated attendant system. Below is a “short cut” of the automated attendant options when calling. 

Phone: (413) 774-7268 

(800) 505-0047 

Employee Extension
Jennifer Whipple (Hoist & Crane) 127
Nate Shores (Motor Department) 132
Marie LeBlanc (Motor Department) 126
Sid Smith (Motor Department) 128
Kristen Cote (Accounts Receivable) 120
Brenda Boardner (Accounts Payable) 121
Ron Rogers (Operations) 144
David Cunningham 125

We look forward to serving you during this time of need. Please stay safe!

Thank you,

David Cunningham
Vice President