Looking for a Better Quality “Drop-In Replacement” to Dodge TXT for a Lot Less Money!

Introducing Hub City PowerTorque® Shaft Mount Reducers

Ten models available from 1/4 HP through 200 HP capacity

Quality American Made Product
With Significant Cost Savings

Hub City PowerTorque® reducers are selected on the basis of input horsepower and output speed. There are ten double reduction PowerTorque® Models available in nominal ratios of 9:1, 15:1, and 25:1 with output speeds to 200 RPM and ratings up to 200 HP.

The selection tables have been established so that once the horsepower and driven speed are known the appropriate model can be readily selected.

We now have STOCK on the Power Torque Shaft Mount Reducers Size 1 Through 5 in the 15:1 Ratio and 4 & 5 in the 25:1 Ratio with all of the largest bushings for each size and backstop kits for each size. 

The Hub City Advantage

Tapered Bushing Kits

• Flanged bushing mount
• Removal screws allow for easy demounting
• Ductile iron material for shock resistance
• Clamp fit, no setscrews
• Split design eliminates seizing problems

Backstop Assemblies

• Quick installation on input shaft
• Internally installed, sealed from contamination
• Lubricated by internal gear lubricant
• Designed to operate in either direction

Motor Mounts

• All-Steel construction for rigidity
• Compact design eliminates need for motor base
• Top plate adjusts for easy tensioning of drive belt
• Mounting holes provided match NEMA standards

Screw Conveyor Adapter Flanges

• Conform to CEMA standards
• Bolt-on design allows easy mounting
• Open center for contaminate dropout

Screw Conveyor Drive Shafts

• Machined from high strength alloy steel
• Conform to CEMA dimensional standards
• Easy installation into standard hollow bore

Belt Guards

• All-Steel construction
• Adjustable to fit a wide range of sheaves and motor frames
• Designed for easy installation, no drilling required