Are you in compliance with Applied Dynamics OSHA Hoist & Crane Inspections?

Applied Dynamics offers comprehensive inspections and maintenance services for all your hoist & crane needs.

Inspection Programs:

    • Annual OSHA Required Inspections (Period as Monthly or Quarterly)
    • A written report highlights: All non-compliance items, recommended corrective action, repair list.
    • A computerized history of inspections and repairs is maintained by ADC and is readily obtainable

Benefits of Inspection:

    • Early identification of problems, less downtime.
    • OSHA required document trail.
    • Diagnosis and correction of repetitive problems
    • Qualified personnel, on-site monthly, to handle repairs.

Load Test: Load 1/4 ton-600 ton on start up

Reasons To Do a Load Test (on old equipment):

  • 125% of Capacity on system
  • Safety- Protects staff & equipment
  • OSHA: If you change loud bearing you need to…

Our technicians are CM certified and CM authorized. Warranty Center for Hoist & Crane & Lifting Division.

We offer 24/7 Service Response