Take advantage of our in-house shop service. You’ll find AC and DC electric motor repair (through 500HP), pump repair, machine shop, vibration analysis and balancing, along with rewind services – all done quickly and efficiently. Turnaround can be within 24-hours, 7-days-a-week if necessary. Our Rush Service moves you to the head of the line!

Our rewind shop – capable of rewinding electric motors and electric motor rebuilds up to 500HP – is part of our full-service machine shop. We repair any type of electric motor, from a fractional motor at 1/3HP or 1/4HP that runs items like a small conveyor, on up to 800HP motors that run large compressors or heavy machinery. Serving the greater New England area, our service and repair includes such brands as Marathon, Baldor, WorldWide Electric, Leeson and Fincor electric motors.

Our Capacity
We’ve devoted 10,000 to 14,000 square feet (930 – 1,393 sq. meters) to handle our
service work.

• Largest crane or hoist capacity – 2-4.9 tons (1,816-4,535 KG)
• Height and width of the largest service entrance is
– at least 8′ x 8′ (2.4 x 2.4 meters)
– at least 12′ x 14′ (3.6 x 4.3 meters)
• Lathe equipment
– less than 16″ (40 CM)
– 16′ – 23′ (41-60 CM)
• Dynamic balancing equipment
– portable
– 5,000 lbs (2,268 KG) and over
• Dipping equipment
– 64 cu. ft. – 215.99 cu. ft. (1,813 – 6,117 cu. meters)

In-House Electric Motor Services Include:

• Bearing change-outs on motors and pumps
• Pump and gear-box rebuilding
• Washing, baking, and re-insulation of AC and DC 3-phase
motors along with single-phase electrical motors, transformers
and equipment
• Computerized coil rewinding
• Computerized balancing of blowers, air-handling equipment,
rotors from motors, pumps, impellors and virtually any type
of rotating equipment
• Hydraulic equipment repair

AC Electric Motor Rewinding and Rebuilding

• Single-phase motors polyphase motors less than 50HP
• Polyphase motors up to 200HP
• Polyphase motors 200HP and over
• Polyphase motors with formed coils
• Hermetic stators
• Wound rotors
• AC generator rewinding less than 50KW
• AC generator rewinding 50KW and over
• Brush shifting motors

DC Motor or Generator Rewinding or Rebuilding

• DC motors or generators less than 10KW
• DC motors or generators 10KW and over
• Rotating fields 10KW and over
• Armature rewinding

Mechanical Servicing

• Dynamic balancing
• General machine shop
• Pump repairing

Electric/Electronic Control Servicing

• Electromechanical field servicing
• Electronic field servicing
• Printed circuit board repairing

Field Service

Applied Dynamics offers tailgate service – an industry standard – PLUS, value-added field operations that include electric motor diagnostics, disconnecting and pulling motors, expeditious electric motor repairs along with motor installation so your motor – and your operation – gets back in business, fast! 

• On-site motor analysis
• Equipment vibration analysis
• Balancing
• Laser alignment
• Motor change-out
• Diagnostics
• Disconnecting and pulling motors
• Electric motor repair
• Electric motor installation
• Troubleshooting