When a gearbox’s internal fits or alignment are out of spec, or when they have high levels of vibration and heat generation, its efficiency declines.

Replacing a faulty gearbox can be expensive as well as cause excessive downtime. Many companies and facilities are opting to rebuild malfunctioning gearboxes. At Applied Dynamics, we have been rebuilding and repairing gearboxes since 1984. We dedicate a great deal of expertise restoring gearboxes to OEM specifications.

Applied Dynamics can service any type of single-stage and multi-stage gearboxes, including worm, helical, or beveled helical gearboxes. Once our expert staff has determined the extent of the work necessary, we provide a detailed quote for the restoration. If you are dealing with gearboxes that no longer operate at their highest efficiency, Applied Dynamics can help you return your equipment to OEM specifications.

To discover all the benefits of choosing Applied Dynamics for your gearbox needs, or to receive a custom quote for our other services, please contact us directly today. Servicing New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island.

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Most modern gearboxes are used to increase torque while reducing the speed of a prime mover output shaft. This means that the output shaft of a gearbox rotates at a slower rate than the input shaft, and this reduction in speed produces a mechanical advantage, increasing torque.

At Applied Dynamics, we not only rebuild and repair gearboxes, but we sell high quality, new gearboxes for almost every application.

Applied Dynamics’s professionals work closely with major gearbox manufactures and can help you choose the right gearbox for your unique application, assuring you receive the right product for your  needs.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting us in our recent machine installation project. Your people behaved with the professionalism, skill, class, and decorum that your company has over the years acquired a reputation for. I wish you good luck for the future and again my sincere appreciation for a job well done.

It was a pleasure meeting you and your team. Please extend my appreciation to them all. Knowing the mechanical end of the business is sometimes the easy part— dealing with various personalities is the challenge. Applied Dynamics appears to be able to handle both.

In the fast pace environment we live in today there never seems time enough to say the things to others that really mean the most. However, in this case, I am not going to let the opportunity pass by. All of us wish to say thank you to you and your people for the work performed on our six color miehle press. The quality of your work and the timeliness of your performance was nothing short of exceptional.


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