Applied Dynamics Field Service Division is ready to provide troubleshooting and repair services at your location. 

We also provide preventative and predictive maintenance. We are available 24/7/365 to keep you running. 

We strive to exceed the expectations of each customer by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater resourcefulness to meet demands. Our highly trained staff is distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience. We ensure that our customers receive UNMATCHED QUALITY SERVICE & PRICE. Our field service team is ready to provide troubleshooting and repair services, as well as preventative/predictive maintenance.

We offer onsite:

  • On-Site Balancing
  • Laser Alignment
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Data Logging
  • Drive Troubleshooting
  • Millwright Services
  • Hoist & Crane Inspections
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On site balancing is balancing a part while it is in its normal operating position at your facility; and allows operation to resume immediately following the balancing operation. It can generally be performed on all types of rotating machinery.

On site balancing eliminates the requirements to completely dismantle and reassemble plant equipment to enable balancing of machine components.  This in turn reduces downtime, labor, and material costs.  On site machinery balancing can be easily planned into scheduled short time outages.  Balancing your rotating machinery will result in improved product quality, extended bearing and machine life, reduce the possiblity of catastrophic failures, and ultimately increase safety.

Another advantage on site balancing is that it compensates for assembly tolerances, unbalance of pulleys, gears, coupling, and other added components of new or overhauled machinery.

Examples of industries using our services are:

  • Power generating plants
  • Water and gas utilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Steel mills
  • Other commercial and industrial applications

Types of equipment we normally service on site include:

  • Roll balancing – rolls balanced in their bearing assembly or on the journals
  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Pump impellers
  • Motor Rotors


One of the biggest issues with coupled machines is component misalignment. If they are not properly aligned and balanced, your components can be permanently damaged. Component misalignment often leads to forced downtime and excessive maintenance costs.

Alignment of shafts, sheaves, pulleys, gearboxes, and other components should be performed frequently to prevent issues like wear and malfunction. At Applied Dynamics, we believe preventative maintenance is critical for ensuring the longest possible service lives of your components—that’s why we offer exceptional laser alignment services.

Laser alignment is a highly accurate method that uses laser transmitters and receivers to measure component misalignment with the highest tolerances. In addition to measuring misalignment, the use of lasers allows our technicians to re-align components per your specifications and stringent industry standards.

Applied Dynamics utilizes a state-of-the-art laser alignment system to meet your needs; this versatile system can correct any amount of misalignment (horizontal or vertical) while providing automated measurement evaluation.

In running machinery, misalignment is often difficult to detect, but you may notice some of the following symptoms: premature failure of bearings, seals, couplings, and shafts; unusually high casing temperatures; loose or broken coupling or foundation bolts; and excessive oil leakage around bearings and seals. If any of these symptoms sounds familiar, it’s time to contact the professionals immediately.

With our laser alignment services, we can dramatically optimize and prolong the performance of your equipment.

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Infrared Thermography is an intricate detection method for discovering sources of potential failure in electrical and mechanical equipment.

Applied Dynamics-Infrared-Thermography-Analysis

Once the infrared energy is detected and converted into temperature; a color image of the temperature distribution is then displayed. The use of infrared thermography affords exceptional benefits:

  • Good for capturing and comparing surface temperatures over large areas
  • Due to non-contact, this method works well on moving objects (like motors)
  • Able to differentiate temperatures of small objects in close proximity (like wires)
  • Ideal for measuring drastic temperature changes.

At Applied Dynamics, we are experts when it comes to utilizing the latest infrared thermography techniques and machinery. We have found that infrared thermography is one of the better methods for checking temperatures of distribution panels, electrical equipment, motors, refractory materials, and even transmission lines. Our team of electro-mechanical component specialists not only use infrared thermography to keep your equipment running at peak performance, but they also provide you with a complete report including points-of-inspection and locations of possible trouble spots.

Infrared thermography is a part of our custom preventative and predictive maintenance program. By using advanced technologies like infrared thermography, Applied Dynamics can diagnose and solve problems before they get a chance to cause costly system failures.

To learn more about our infrared thermography capabilities and services, our preventative and predictive maintenance program, or our 24-7 customer service capabilities, please contact us today.

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  • Infrared thermography converts thermal heat into images, thereby allowing an analyst to identify potential defects in electrical & mechanical equipment and buildings. It is a valuable tool in identifying existing or potential failures that result in operational downtime and financial losses.
  • Applied Dynamics offers infrared field inspection services that are designed to give customers an outsourced solution to solving their infrared needs. Needs for service may range from a building inspection to monthly, quarterly, and annual inspections of plant equipment.


data logger is any device that can be used to store data. This includes many data acquisition devices such as plug-in boards or serial communication systems which use a computer as a real time data recording system.

A data logger can read various types of electrical signals and store the data through internal memory to be later downloaded onto a computer.

Data loggers measure and record electrical parameters over a period of time. They can be used to collect accurate, actionable power consumption and energy performance data for analysis of energy use patterns.  They can verify scheduled controls are working properly over time. When used for machine condition monitoring they provide important information about power consumption that can be invaluable when making decisions about equipment upgrades.

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AC & DC drives are common choices among companies seeking to improve efficiency and control of their applications.

These drives are used to regulate the speed and torque of industrial machines. Since these machines need to operate at varying speeds and forces depending on their specific duties, the dependability of a drive is crucial.  When an error or failure occurs, you can rely on our team of experienced drive technicians 24/7 to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


Millwrights provide services specializing in industrial machinery upgrades, maintenance, repair, installation and overhall of reciprocating and rotating machinery and associated components, including compressors, gearboxes, generators, and motors. Specifically, millwrights perform the following work:

  • Provide routine maintenance and repair work for industrial equipment and machinery
  • Install and assemble specialized equipment and machines for industrial applications according to designs, blueprints, and operation and installation manuals
  • Dismantle and replace old equipment and machinery with updated and newer models as required
  • Use specialized tools (i.e. presses, hydraulic bolters, arc welders, and cranes) to repair, disassemble, assemble industrial machinery
  • Install and program specialized equipment and robots for use on assembly lines
  • Adhere to safety regulations and procedures in order to prevent hazards and accidents from occurring

As a leader among field service and motor repair companies, we offer an extensive range of services to industries throughout New England, to help you achieve your plant maintenance and other goals. Our team has the resources, know-how, and experience to provide you with the millwright services you need in terms of maintenance, repair, and installation. You can trust our experience and extensive capabilities to help you maintain and enhance your operations.

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Applied Dynamics offers comprehensive inspections, repairs and maintenance services for all your hoist & crane needs. We offer full service inspections:

Applied Dynamics has invested in industry specific software which allows our technicians to utilize iPads while performing inspection services on-site. This software enables us to electronically document your assets, photograph any deficiencies, and provide you with a detailed inspection report the day of inspection. Additional benefits include: Applied Dynamics maintains a record for each of your assets to include deficiencies and repairs made over time. A maintained historical record of all inspections performed at your facility. Utilizing these reports allows us to provide you with a repair quote in a timely manner to resolve any deficiencies found during your inspection. You will receive an inspection reminder and quotation a month prior to your inspection being due. Our technicians are factory certified. We are an authorized warranty repair center for all Columbus Mckinnon hoists (CM, Coffing, Shawbox, Budgit and Yale). We offer on-site and shop repairs for all major brands.  We are available 24/7.

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Our technicians are factory certified. We are an authorized warranty repair center for all Columbus Mckinnon hoists (CM, Coffing, Shawbox, Budgit and Yale). We offer on-site and shop repairs for all major brands.  We are available 24/7.


• Early identification of problems = LESS Downtime
• OSHA required document trail
• Safe work environment for everyone

We offer:

  • Required OSHA Compliant Inspections (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly)
  • Quick Response and On-Site Service Calls
  • On-Site Repairs
  • New Equipment Sales and Installations
  • Sling Inspections
  • Load Testing


We do on-site and in-house repairs for ALL major brands. We provide timely quotes and scheduling of maintenance.

  • Brakes
  • Load Chains
  • Wire Rope
  • Hooks
  • Safety Latches
  • Chain Containers
  • Remote Systems
  • Pendants

To discover all the benefits of choosing Applied Dynamics for your parts or repair needs, or to receive a custom quote for our other services, please contact us directly today.  Servicing New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

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Hoist Wire Rope Inspection

Hoist Pre-Operation Inspection

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting us in our recent machine installation project. Your people behaved with the professionalism, skill, class, and decorum that your company has over the years acquired a reputation for. I wish you good luck for the future and again my sincere appreciation for a job well done.

It was a pleasure meeting you and your team. Please extend my appreciation to them all. Knowing the mechanical end of the business is sometimes the easy part— dealing with various personalities is the challenge. Applied Dynamics appears to be able to handle both.

In the fast pace environment we live in today there never seems time enough to say the things to others that really mean the most. However, in this case, I am not going to let the opportunity pass by. All of us wish to say thank you to you and your people for the work performed on our six color miehle press. The quality of your work and the timeliness of your performance was nothing short of exceptional.


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