When a gearbox’s internal fits or alignment are out of spec, or when they have high levels of vibration and heat generation, its efficiency declines.

Replacing a faulty gearbox can be expensive as well as cause excessive downtime. Many companies and facilities are opting to rebuild malfunctioning gearboxes.

massachusetts-gearbox-repair-serviceAt Applied Dynamics, we have been rebuilding and repairing gearboxes since 1984. We dedicate a great deal of expertise restoring gearboxes to OEM specifications.

Applied Dynamics can service any type of single-stage and multi-stage gearboxes, including worm, helical, or beveled helical gearboxes. Once our expert staff has determined the extent of the work necessary, we provide a detailed quote for the restoration.

If you are dealing with gearboxes that no longer operate at their highest efficiency, Applied Dynamics can help you return your equipment to OEM specifications.

To discover all the benefits of choosing Applied Dynamics for your gearbox needs, or to receive a custom quote for our other services, please contact us directly today. Servicing New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island.