One of the biggest issues with coupled machines is component misalignment. If they are not properly aligned and balanced, your components can be permanently damaged. Component misalignment often leads to forced downtime and excessive maintenance costs.

Alignment of shafts, sheaves, pulleys, gearboxes, and other components should be performed frequently to prevent issues like wear and malfunction. At Applied Dynamics, we believe preventative maintenance is critical for ensuring the longest possible service lives of your components—that’s why we offer exceptional laser alignment services.

Laser alignment is a highly accurate method that uses laser transmitters and receivers to measure component misalignment with the highest tolerances. In addition to measuring misalignment, the use of lasers allows our technicians to re-align components per your specifications and stringent industry standards.

Applied Dynamics utilizes a state-of-the-art laser alignment system to meet your needs; this versatile system can correct any amount of misalignment (horizontal or vertical) while providing automated measurement evaluation.

In running machinery, misalignment is often difficult to detect, but you may notice some of the following symptoms: premature failure of bearings, seals, couplings, and shafts; unusually high casing temperatures; loose or broken coupling or foundation bolts; and excessive oil leakage around bearings and seals. If any of these symptoms sounds familiar, it’s time to contact the professionals immediately.

With our laser alignment services, we can dramatically optimize and prolong the performance of your equipment.

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